This is SkiProAm

SkiProAm is the link between professional athletes and amateurs.

SkiProAm, owned by Runi and Ole Jörgen Wold, started 2009 as a service provider for amateurs to meet professional cross country skiers, attending training camps together with the professionals, and learn from the best.

2013 we took it a step further, starting our own professional cross country ski team for girls only. TEAM SkiProAm, consisting of 6 elite athletes, competes in the SWIX Ski Classics series, which is a long distance cup for cross country skiers.

SWIX Ski Classics events and races are broadcasted live in more than 18 countries. Among the most well known races are Marcialonga, König Ludwig Lauf, Birkebeinerloppet and Vasaloppet. The team also competes in the famous girls race in Sweden, Tjejvasan, which even is being broadcasted in Swedish national TV.

Long distance cross country races are unique, because both professionals and amateurs compete in the same race. The professional teams start in front and the amateurs further behind. However, all participants, amateurs and elite, ski in the same tracks. They are part of the same competition, each and everyone with their own goal.

Why only girls on the team?

We discovered early that it was harder for female athletes to get professional support compared to their male colleagues. Only a few had financial support and sufficient service and training possibilities. Instead, they had to rely on their family and friends. Therefore, we decided to do something about it!

A professional cross country skier is in need of sponsoring in order to stay on top as an active athlete and achieve podium places. Help is needed with travels, hotels, professional training, equipment, professional waxing service, feeding service during races, transport, etc. This usually requires financial resources on higher levels than the individual has the possibility to build beside the skiing career.

Cross country skiing is a growing business in Scandinavia within health care and company human resources, as it is a kind of outdoor activity in which most people can take part.

The professional athletes, and foremost the female athletes, inspire the amateurs and other girls to set personal goals for their own well being, as well as their professional careers.

What else do we do?

The team: Working season with the team is the period between mid May and end of March the following year. Starting May to end November the team meets each month for training camps. The training sights differ, however, you may often find us at  Idre Fjäll in Sweden or Seefeld in Austria.

Open training camps: In August and November you have the possibility to attend our open training camps and train with the team. In the spring we enjoy the fantastic nature and training possibilities in Seefeld, Austria.   Your own needs and training ambitions may be different from time to time. Usually we offer company based training sessions, however, we also offer training camps to groups of friends who want something extra professional, that special extra.  Ask us about it!

Events- and race travels:  Starting season 2015-2016, you have the possibility to travel and stay with the team during the SWIX Ski Classics races.We are going to launch a team for amateurs, to which you may apply. This gives you the unique possibility to hang around the Pro team for one day prior to the race, ask questions, get useful advice, and test skis.

Education and certifying of cross country ski coaches: In cooperation with the national Swedish cross country skiing organization, SkiProAm educate and certify professional cross country ski coaches. The courses start twice a year in November and April. .

Technique clinics:  Idre Fjäll has a fantastic environment for technique training on snow from mid November to mid April. Book a clinic with SkiProAm and get a certified cross country ski coach to provide you with the latest  cross country technique. We adjust the clinic to your skiing experience, and we promise that you will get extra value in your skiing experience whether you are at a beginning level or have skied Vasaloppet several times.


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